Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP)

Congratulations on commencing your journey to a climate resilient farming future.

By choosing to use the CAP tool you will be guided through a process of describing your farm enterprise and identifying its current strengths and weaknesses in the face of a changing climate. You will also be provided with many links and resources to further information relevant to your farm.

You can then investigate a range of climate impacts, choose and prioritise which are most relevant to your farm, and select or create actions to reduce these impacts.

To ensure you address the top climate risks to your farm, please investigate all climate impacts. The whole process may take up to two hours, but your progress is saved at each step when you click NEXT.

Once complete your Climate Adaptation Plan document is generated, summarising your farm details, top 5 actions, as well as creating a simple table to monitor your progress.

You can log back in at any time to revise, update, or review your CAP. Southern Gippsland CAP tool

We would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of former Bass Coast Landcare Network Chair and current Vice Chair, Ric Oldham, who worked tirelessly in the planning and development of this tool.